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7 responses to “Recommended Reading for New Submissives”

  1. pleasure

    These books are good not only for the novice, but for those having any level of experience. I always felt something was missing from my life; and after going through 20 years of marriage and then divorcing, I began reading and exploring and researching every thing i could get my hands, all in attempt to identify what lurked just under the surface of the burning needs and desires.
    That was 6 years ago when I first bought my first “bdsm” book, “Screw the Roses…”,and wow! did it ever open my eyes to what i felt lay dormant inside. Just reading and learning that I wasn’t alone in wanting to be a part of something that sated the darker side of erotic desires.
    (And I must say, these have been the happiest years of my “new” life. I am a humbled slave half of a real M/s couple.)

    Sorry, I tend to ramble, and to get back on track, I highly recommend the above books.

  2. ConnieC

    It is wonderfully enlightening when one DOES finally discover and explore what is truly inside them, in a loving, consensual, caring way.

    Screw the Roses… IMO, one of the better books, especially for starting your self-exploration.

    I’m happy you found yourself. Same with me, but on the other end of the flogger, it took 30 yrs to find out what made me the happiest :-)


  3. Savage


    I am new to this and recently discovered this is who i am, or want to be. i would like to find a dominent who will teach me all there is to know about this lifestyle, and i must be his only submissive.

  4. _cany

    I can not find anything on this site about the book “Devil In The Details” by LTMorrison. It is a fabulous book for new or experienced. I had heard there was discussions on this trilogy on Friday nights, but i am afraid i can not find them.

    Any help pointing me out to further info on this trilogy would be welcome. I am interested in talking to others as well that have views or opinions on this book.

    thanks in advance

  5. Bead Lover

    i have read Michael Makai’s

    Domination & Submission: The BDSM Relationship Handbook

    The Warrior Princess Submissive

    62Q: Sixty-two Questions for Your Dominant

    i highly recommend them as required reading for the new and not so new to this lifestyle

    they answered many questions i had and confirmed what i already knew

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