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5 responses to “Maintenance Spankings; Why Do It?”

  1. Katie/Coyote

    This is a good post, and thanks for the DD links!

    The sentiment that a maintenance spanking or “reconnection ritual” as my Daddy and I might call such a thing (though we don’t have one yet) is not to be rescheduled is an important one, I think… it doesn’t matter if the s-type doesn’t want it… too bad! It’s a ritual, it has to happen. But similarly, the D-type shouldn’t duck out, either… it’s for the health of the relationship.

    That’s my take on it, anyway :)

    Thanks again!
    .-= Katie/Coyote´s last blog ..Control =-.

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  3. Roin Dunne

    OTK Maintenance Spanking – Not Punishment!

    Unlike many husbands or men that participate in this and other conversations regarding wife spanking I don’t believe in nor practice “punishment” of my wife. I also don’t believe in nor practice the use of a belt or other device for the purposes of my wife’s regular maintenance spankings. Her bottom is bare and so is my hand. Like other comments I have read we believe it is the wife’s responsibility to remove her own panties prior to a maintenance spanking. This her way of acknowledging her acceptance of this lifestyle and reinforcing the fact that she is a willing participant – and believer in – the benefit of a husband maintaining his wife’s attitude, outlook and behavior through regular maintenance spankings. Maintenance spanking is not done out of anger, but rather done out of love.

    Punishment spanking is the result of a husband’s lack of maintenance of his wife’s best interests and in my mind – a poor behavior on the part of the husband. Ongoing and regular maintenance spankings with a husbands bare hand on to her bare bottom enables her to get back to a clear vision and behavior in her life.

    Maintenance spankings are not HARD and are not intended to hurt the wife. They are firm and forceful, but not HARD. HARD is out of anger and frankly due to the husbands or man’s neglect of his wife in the first place. With regular and loving maintenance spankings bad behavior simply does not happen.

    To prepare my wife for a maintenance spanking she knows to wear a specific pair of panties set aside only for maintenance spankings. By wearing these panties it has become her indication to me that she is accepting of and prepared for my love and guidance through a spanking. This way allows her to participate in the process, have a say in the process, and to prepare her mind and heart for what is coming.

    Once the spanking session takes place, she naturally makes her way to a quiet corner for 10-minutes to give her the opportunity to contain her emotions and find the peace of mind she is seeking. Once this time is up, she seeks me out, puts her panties back on and asks me to hold her – followed by a kiss and a Thank You.

    Then it is over until the next time…

  4. Patti

    How does this work for those of us who are unpartnered/not in a dynamic whom feel we could benefit as well from these?

  5. Christy

    How often are maintenance spankings administered?

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