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23 responses to “Cyber Submission and Exploring D/s Online”

  1. nanooke

    I have been a sub to two online doms. One wasnt a dom at all just wanting comtrol. I found my second dom online he is good to me homest and makes sure am comfortable with things. Yes things can get really kinky. Online d/s i would suggest to anyone thats curious bout bdsm. But safety first always. I been with my dom a year now we chat online and through whats app.

  2. Rosh

    I read your blog and my relationship is also the same. It is long distance and im new to this so my Master is taking things slow. I mean is it okay or do u have feelings for ur master apart from the D/s relationship ?

  3. Brimstone

    I like your article! Very informative.

    One question I have is about the last section you wrote about safety.

    ‘Ordering’ you to call them Master, Mistress, Sir before the relationship is established and those titles have been “earned.”
    Similarly, calling you “slave” and other submissive pet names before the dynamics have been established.
    Expecting you to immediately act submissive simply on the grounds you are submissive and s/he is Dominant.

    I just started an online Master/Slave relationship with a girl. We are both new to this and so we are doing it to learn together. Now, my question is, is it alright for me to tell her to call me Master and for me to call her slave even though we just started the relationship? You were sort of vague in how you put those points, “before the relationship is established” would imply yes it’s ok since the relationship is established. But “before these titles have been ‘earned’ might mean different. Also ‘before the dynamics have been established’ could be taken either way if you want to.

    Anyway, thanks for your article and your time!

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