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3 responses to “A Single Submissive Packs a Toybag”

  1. requiempup (Requiem Pup)

    Reading A Single Submissive Packs a Toybag

  2. shyslut

    I often bring
    a robe
    my make up kit
    my preferred rope
    my camera
    mouthwash and or toothbrush
    water bottle
    hair tie, clip and brush
    extra bus or cab money

    These arent just silly things to bring!! My soft fluffy warm robe helps with aftercare and switching my mindset before jumping into my day clothes.

    My makeup often gets messed up or even if i leave it off I need to apply so I can get on with my day.

    I often end up eating before play partly cause it just ends up that way and partly to be sure i dont get low blood sugar. So toothbrush ec is neccesary.

    Water is very important during or after playing!!!

    I prefer to wear a hair clip and keep my hair nice but sometimes I play and i must lay flat so a clip wont work I switch to a band but then sometimes partner perfers hair down and it just gets super messy so a brush rocks!!

    As for scissors they are very important for saftey. Youd be amazed how many times people at dungeons went to find scissors and came up short!!!

    Also important to have an alternative means of transportation. Seems the worst always happens when Im playing. Broke down, left behind, or sub drop sick.

  3. ready2 serve 42

    I am a little embarrassed and would not feel comfortable buying toys

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