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6 responses to “Book Review: Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns”

  1. Master LatexHer

    Geesh, it seems we read this book a thousand years ago. It evolves !

    A good beginner book for those who are just learning about themselves and D/S.

  2. Greatmane

    I also recommend this book to any newbie. It was one of the first books I ever read on BDSM and D/s and one of the best!

  3. lorechelle

    i was in the lifestyle along time ago. It seems like a dream. A link was graciously given to me as i poured out part of my soul on another page for this site. When i saw Screw T Roses, Send me the Thorns, i couldn’t believe it. One of the first books i was introduced too. A favorite of mine. i even post it everywhere as my favorite though im sure most don’t get it. a little confession lead me into a world that i can’t begin to find words to express! i moved from San Fran and am no longer with my husband, my Dom, as well. It’s been almost 14iyrs and i feel as if i need to find my way back home, because i don’t fit anyplace else. i can be in a room with a hundred people and feel so alone. Tho i live alone now, go through the motions of life, im a pretender in a maze… i absolutely adored this book, out of the so many i have read, this is not just for the novice, it’s for anyone who is in the lifestyle! hopefully, i’ll find my place again and this will be a read-over and over and over again!!! my intent is not to upset, be disrespectful in anyway. it’s been years since ive seen this book mentioned and it has a place in my soul. Thank you, lorechelle

  4. Nacht Engel

    It’s very good but it is also very dated these days. The basic don’t change much I suppose but it’s pre-internet and lacks a lot of information on certain aspects.

  5. lorechelle

    Oh yes, has the net added some more information by unnecessary sources. Lol. As always, Thank you Google, Yahoo and YT for entering and trying to ad to a world they really don’t begin to know. Everything has to start somewhere to ha a grand finally, I think anyone who lives the lifestyle should have a copy handy. I have even given it as a gift to Vanilla Friends of mine, who decided to try it out.. Lol
    Great Book

  6. Subchelle

    Ok I finally got this book a year into Master and i’s BDSM relationship. I have to admit though I have not been all the way through it that it is a very good learning book. I’ve been into being a sub for more than 20 years but this is my first honest and good permanent 24/7 D/s relationship. But my Master had never even heard of it until we met a year ago. He is a total natural though. But there are times when I have to fill him in on things or actually set myself up for him to learn a new trick or two. The first time he ever punished me he was so turned on I knew right then and there that this was the life for him. Now he never wants to go back to a vanilla relationship.

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