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22 responses to “A Great Example of a Slave’s Rosary”

  1. Annamie

    I would think a simple beaded bracelet would get around the religious symbolism of the real rosary, and depending on the size and number of beads in the bracelet, you can still do your affirmations and repetitions, without risking your own or offending others’ faith. I too am brought up Roman Catholic, and although a lapsed Catholic, I do still have mine and my childrens rosaries somewhere at home, but I think I will buy myself a nice beaded bracelet and try this with that.

  2. nem

    I am overwhelmed by the depth of dedication to your master. Something like this may be an excellent tool to reinforce my submission to my Dom. Whenever I feel resistant to his will I read my Contract of Submission to remind myself of the commitments I have made. Annamie’s idea of a bracelet might be a more practical way to achieve the same meditation. Thanks for sharing.

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