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8 responses to “The Importance of Journaling Your Submission”

  1. Delores

    Thank You I did not think of useing a blog as a guide for my lesson in submission. Now I have another reason to blog.An it will help me keep a better record of event in my relationship.

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  3. Sunshine

    Thank you for this really excellent post. I tend to be an introspective type, but sometimes really like the discipline that a journal provides. It also doesn’t seem to be that important to my Master, so that doesn’t help. After reading this post, I am more motivated to do it for ME.

  4. simplysubmissive

    just found this post when searching online for advice on submissive journals. i have just started a private blog for My Master. Because we can’t see each other every day, it is as much a space for Him to see my daily devotion to Him as it is a space for me to pour out my thoughts. i am a thinker and i do tend to analyse every thought and feeling so i think the journal will halp me to process developments in our relationship.

    But – i have one huge stumbling block. Being His submissive, with my own desires and opinions not really part of the equation, i stuggle with a kind of blog censorship! When we are together i always ask if i may speak freely if i have anything particular i want to get off my chest and He usually grants this. So with the blog i really do not want to come accross as whingey or manipulative to Him but if it is to work it has to be a space where i can always speak freely. When i read other submissive blogs i can usually tell which ones are written specificallg for a Master to read and which ones are more general submissive musings – and the latter are far more REAL to me.

    I would be gratreful for your thoughts on this.

  5. FuckToy

    I love this article! I have found that blogging about my submissive experiences is a powerful, playful, sometimes raw way to document my relationship with my Master. I love doing it. Even at times when I have had conflicted feelings that I wrote into my blog, it led to more understanding and deeper communication with Master.

    He loves reading my blog.

    I love writing it. I’ve found something I’m passionate about and so excited about the idea that I’ve finally found a path of clear, free expression that I can write to as often as I have thoughts and experiences to share.

    Once again, THANKS for this article!


  6. Sunset

    I keep a daily journal on my desires, likes, dislikes and general stuff that pops into my head. She had me start out with 3 journals a week, once she saw I could manage and it was helping with my anxiety, it was moved to a daily routine. I am still under consideration but I consider myself her’s until she releases me. I journal about the things I’ve learned, the things I don’t know how to approach her about and the things I can’t say because of some emotion or other blocking me.
    My journaling, while I can’t see it as helping me improve as a submissive, has helped me to improve as a person in my vanilla world. I can cry and complain, spazz and freak out on paper in a way I can’t let go in person. It’s my release.

    Im sceptical on the blogging publicly, personally my life is pretty damn boring, and I’d feel no one but my Domme would care to see it; but if you are comfortable and out in your vanilla life, more power to you!

  7. Sunset

    We came across this once I first started out with a daily topic, I found it hard to write about something random she pulled from the top of her head. She found it impersonal.
    To fix this I talk about anything and everything in my journal, I could probably get away with a little bitching about her as well, but Im not that gutsy!

    Personally Im not punished for the things I write in there, even if I am confessing to a wrong doing unless it were something non-negoitable. In example, if I were to admit to drinking again I would be in big trouble, but popping off to someone by accident or getting in a fight with a certian Dom isnt’t punishable. Even as subs we all need the release of wrong doings in a peaceful, safe way.

  8. gwenivere

    I started a written journal a month or so ago and it has helped me be able to talk freely with Kami. I used to become embarrassed over the smallest things and completely close up which lead to a lot of tension. After he read it a few times I was more comfortable talking to him about it. Now I use it more to record my thoughts during those rare times when we are apart.

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